Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Secret Believers

For anyone who wants a good read and to learn a little about Islam and Christianity in the Middle East, here is an inspirational story of how Muslims are turning to Christ and their lives after they do. This book is very captivating and easy to read as well as an eye opener to the persecution of Christians happening in the world today. Through their stories you will be challenged as well as encouraged in regard to faith, evangelism, and gospel-centered living. This book is on my top ten favs. Maybe even top five.

We in the west know little about persecution, but if you want to read more about persecution in the world today and the growth of the church, Open Doors International has a great website that has tons of information and resources to keep you informed. I highly recommend this website as well, especially if you are interested in learning more or praying during this Ramadan season. Click here to visit their site and enjoy. If you want to do your own sort of prayer calendar to include prayer for specific countries, you can go to the persecution tab and click country profiles and it will show a list of countries that oppress Christians and things you can pray for. This is how I was first introduced to praying through Ramadan, and I enjoyed learning current religious affairs in these countries and how to pray for them.

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