Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ramadan Day 10

Today we're praying for Uzbekistan and Balrampur, India. I'll include the usual links to the websites we are getting the information from, but I also want to include the link to the Gospel for Asia website.  Gospel for Asia is an organization started by Dr. Y.P. Yohannan to send out missionaries to India and surrounding countries. He wrote a book called Revolution in World Missions that started my journey in missions. It was a life changer for me, and if you want to read it too, you can get it free. YES, I said free. Just click here  to order or you can get a free download (audio or pdf version) on the GFA website. You can learn more about Gospel for Asia by clicking here.

30 Days Prayer Calendar(see day 10)
Uzbekistan (from Open Doors)

Leader: President Islam Karimov 
Population: 27.5 million (208,500 Christian) 
Main Religion: Islam 
Government: Authoritarian 
World Watch Rank: 09
Pressure on Uzbek Christians mounted in 2010. The number of raids on churches increased, resulting in more court cases. Fines for illegal religious activities were up to 100 times the minimum monthly wage, and short-term prison sentences (3-15 days) were given out more frequently as a punishment for religious activities. A 27-year-old Baptist was sentenced to ten years' imprisonment. Many churches lost their registration and some their buildings. Christians experienced job loss, beatings, social rejection and often expulsion from the family home.

Please Pray:

  • For believers in prison. Ask God to strengthen and encourage them and their loved ones
  • For God's protection on Christians who continue to meet together
  • Several young believers were identified by the police when they attended a meeting. Pray that they will still be able to get a good education.

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