Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ramadan Day 15

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Egypt(from Open Doors)

Leader: Interim Military Government
Population: 80 million (10.8 million Christians) 
Main Religion: Islam
Government: Republic
World Watch Rank: 19
Exaggeration and rumours led to an increase in tensions between Christians and Muslims in 2010. In November, hundreds of Muslims rampaged through a Christian village, firebombing houses and businesses and injuring five people, over rumours of a romantic relationship between a Christian and a Muslim. Christians face much discrimination and churches are strictly regulated. Muslim-background believers are rejected socially and culturally. However, there is a new openness to the gospel through satellite TV and Christian Arabic websites.
In February 2011 President Mubarak stepped down in the wake of mass protests. Christians face an uncertain future.

Please Pray:

  • For the future of the Christian community in Egypt, that they will be free to live and worship in peace.
  • That the government would allow free and fair elections to take place
  • That peace and political stability will quickly be restored

Open Doors in Action

What happens in Egypt has a profound effect throughout the Middle East. That's why Open Doors has been active in the country for many years, working with our partner organisations to transform the lives of suffering Christians.
  • Website and Internet - The protests this year prove just how potent a force for change the internet can be. Open Doors supports a website ministry offering both evangelism to Muslims and discipleship training for Christians. 
  • Children's Bible Programme - An astonishing 20,000 children attend our annual school holiday Bible programme, Children for Christ.
  • Income Generating Loans - Financial pressures are often used to force the poorest of the poor to renounce Christianity. Our microlending programmes give people a measure of financial independence.
  • Serving the Community - We support a comprehensive programme of services including literacy programmes, relief, empowerment of women and student support. 
  • Medical Outreach - Medical teams of doctors go to villages without healthcare services to provide medical examinations, care and supplies. This programme helps local churches gain credibility in the community.

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