Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ramadan Day 13 and 14

I'm a bit behind, weekends seem to do that to me.

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Turkmenistan(from Open Doors)

Leader: President Berdymukhamedov 
Population: 5.1 million (1% Christian) 
Main Religion: Islam 
Government: One-party state 
World Watch Rank: 15
Although the constitution provides for freedom of religion, in 2010 police officers reportedly told Christians that they would do everything to ensure that there are no Christians left in the country. Ethnic Turkmen Christians are often insulted and put under pressure to return to Islam. Many believers run the risk of losing their jobs. There are very few registered churches; non-registered religious activity is illegal. In 2010 a pastor from Marytown was falsely accused of swindle and sentenced to four years' imprisonment.

Please Pray:

  • For protection on Christian youth activities. Sometimes summer camps are raided by police and teenagers are detained for hours without food or water
  • For unity between churches and for godly Christian leaders
  • For good discipleship and training resources to become more available.

Qatar(from Open Doors)
Leader: Emir Sheikh Hamad 
Population: 1.4 million (89,000 Christians) 
Main Religion: Islam 
Government: Traditional emirate 
World Watch Rank: 17

Nearly all citizens in Qatar are Muslims; almost the entire Christian population are expatriates. The constitution explicitly provides for freedom of worship, and Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches are officially recognised. However, the Government places restrictions on public worship and continues to prohibit evangelisation of non-Muslims. Several expatriate Christians were expelled from the country in 2010, almost certainly because of their Christian faith. Leaving Islam is considered apostasy; believers from a Muslim background face severe persecution.

Please Pray:

  • That isolated indigenous believers will connect with other believers and experience real fellowship
  • That the Qatari people will open up to the gospel and not rely on wealth and their feeling of Islamic superiority
  • For the witness of the expatriate Christian community. Pray that no more foreign Christians will be expelled from the country.

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