Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ramadan Day 4: Saudi Arabia

Today we will be praying for Saudi Arabia both in the prayer calendar and on the world watch list.

Link to prayer calendar (see day 4)
Saudi Arabia (from Open Doors)

Leader: King Abdullah 
Population: 25.7 million (1.25 million Christians)
Main Religion: Islam 
Government: Monarchy 
World Watch Rank: 04
There is no religious freedom in this Islamic kingdom. Public non-Muslim worship is forbidden, and conversion to Christianity - seen as apostasy - is punishable by death. Most Christians are foreign workers; although they are allowed to worship privately on their compounds, they sometimes face difficulty. Twelve Filipino Christians and a priest were arrested while attending a service in a private home in October 2010. Saudi believers fear being open about their faith, even with their family. There were reports of several Christians being physically harmed for their faith in 2010.

Please Pray:

  • That expatriate Christians would have wisdom in sharing their faith
  • That isolated believers will have the courage to connect with other Saudi Christians
  • That young Saudis living or working outside the country will hear the gospel and come to faith.

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