Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back to Life (in Denton), Back to Reality...

Sorry it's been so long in posting, we've been away from home for quite sometime...

Since my last post, Owen has been on his second and third plane rides, I had my first experience with another woman telling me what was wrong with MY crying baby (like she has a clue), and Ross and I have gotten to spend some much needed time with our good friends Tommy and Celeste Rutledge. You know those friends that as soon as you are together again, it feels like you never were apart, the ones who you don't care if your house is a wreck when they are coming over, the ones you would give your left kidney for? That's Tommy and Celeste to our family. Ross and Tommy spend Spring Break leading a team of college students on a mission trip to Kingsport, TN. Celeste and I spend the week with our boys Owen and Ellis and preparing for the arrival of Baby Rutledge #2! The mission trip went very well, and I will be talking more about it in our monthly update newsletter. If you are interested in receiving it via email, let me know and we will put you on the list.

In other news:

Owen has started sleeping 11-12(whoa!) hours thanks to the help of a wonderful book called the Baby Sleep Solution that Grandma bought for me. A.MA.ZING!

Ross and I have begun conversations about moving out of Village East at the end of May because we will be on the fast track of support raising and don't know how much time we will spend at home this summer. We might be in a town near you very soon!

In the mean time, enjoy new pics from our trip to TN.

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