Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Days

It was another snow day today for Ross, and I loved having him home. Since I spent all last week with my mom and dad, I got used to having an adult with me all day. I have missed having someone here since I have been home, so it was great to get a day with Ross during the week. We didn't get snow and ice like last week, and we weren't able to go sledding like Ross did last week. Thankfully it meant we didn't have crashes while sledding like Ross did last week (click here for video of his crash).  It just meant we slept in until 11am, missed eating our wheaties, and were able to catch up the sleep we missed last night. 

Here's some pics of the beautiful winter wonderland.

And it's only February. We'll see if that groundhog was right about an early spring.

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