Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baby #2 and Waiting Rooms

Happy news...we are expecting baby number two! I think all who read this already know that, but there it is anyway!

We are excited about an addition but anxious about doing it in France. So much will be different this time around, but then again so much will be the same. I remember when we found out we were expecting Owen that I had a sudden rush of overwhelming feelings and anxiety about our lives changing forever. The same was true this time around, but the anxiety was more about going through this process in a foreign place. How was I going to find a doctor? I don't know much French, so what do I even say when I try to make our first prenatal appointment? Things like that definitely raise the stress level in this situation, and sometimes it feels like an elevated stress level is just a part everyday life here.

Yesterday we had our second prenatal appointment, and it was one of those times where the stress got to me. We have found a doctor that we like very much, but the doctor we saw yesterday was not that doctor. I also had to reschedule this appointment last week, and apparently I misunderstood what time we were supposed to be there. As we were sitting in the waiting room for an hour, I started crying (which I'm pretty sure that isn't the first time thats happened in an OBs office) because the simplest things like not fully understanding what time our appointment was just too much. It felt like a small failure in some ways to me. On top of that, were going to be seeing a doctor that we didn't even know if he spoke english. In the States I wouldn't have thought twice about seeing a different doctor, but in this situation, the unknown and uncertain can bring on a great deal of fear in my heart.

That fear is becoming normal, I feel it everyday when we step foot out of the door and attempt to interact in French.  Everyday, small situation become an opportunity to lean on the Lord for strength and boldness and everyday I see how much I need His help! The best part is that He promises to give it and He promise to be present with me.

Everything yesterday ended great! A lot of fear for nothing. The doctor did speak some english and we found out if the baby is a boy or girl! Its a...choix du roi! Google the phrase if you really want to know. God is good and we are thankful for his provision and blessing in our lives.

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