Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hard but Good

Ross and I sort of laugh when we hear people in Christian circles talk about something in life being "hard but good".  Not that we think they are being fake, but just that most things in life can be considered 'hard but good' things. Well, for us support raising definitely falls into that category.  Throw parenting in to the mix and the feelings grow.

Most of this process has been very encouraging. Sure it has had it's moments of discouragement, frustration, and exhaustion. But overall, 90% of the time we've been amazed by what God has provided through our friends and family and network of supporters.

Since being back in Ruston, however, it's become harder for me. Maybe it's that I play a more direct role in the process and I struggle with doing the task well, maybe it's feelings of homesickness, maybe it's being discontent with the uncertainty of our days and future plans. Maybe, just maybe, it's God showing me a few (many) things. Things like my lack of prayer, time in His Word, my selfishness and impatience with my family, and most of all (from the words of Owen's Bible) His unchanging, never-ending, always and forever love.

Hard but good.

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