Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to Eat Like the French

We had the pleasure of having some good friends and supporters over last night for dinner, and we decided to have a traditional French dinner much like we experienced when we were in Nice three years ago. So if you want to eat like the French, here's how:

1. Start with the aperitif. Usually it is some kind of mixed drink, much like cocktails here in the U.S. We started with champagne which is usually the drink of choice for special occasions.

2. Entrees or appetizers are next. We just had a spread of olives, pickled artichokes, and some blue cheese and garlic butter to spread on a bread. SO good.

3. Main course comes third. Coq a Vin was on the menu with a side of rice. A note if you do ever cook French food, it's not hard to cook any of it but it does take some time. Make sure you start early or do your prep work the night before.

4. Cheese and salad course is next. This is out of place seemingly to Americans, but it is actually very refreshing. Always go with a Camembert or Brie cheese because they are both distinctly French. We also had goat cheese rounds on a baguette with our salad.

4. Last comes coffee and dessert, which is usually fruit and maybe some candies. We had a chocolate pastry just because we like them along with clementines. Usually the French leave the table for this part of the meal and would retire to the living room.

Wine is served throughout all courses, and the French often eat very slowly. Put plenty of time between courses and serve smaller portions so that you don't eat too much. We didn't do that part so well, or we just ate too much. Give it a try, it's fun!

Or just come eat at our house!

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